ERP Project Rescue

Is your project going to be completed before the busy season? Are you staying within the budget?

Project failure isn’t a one-time thing, it becomes a financial burden and recovery can take years and stunt growth in an organization. It be can a lengthy and painful process for an organization to regain lost confidence and tries to implement its desired system again. This is lost time spent without an otherwise beneficial implementation.

Dynetek offers comprehensive Project Rescue services aimed at identifying and eliminating factors that are inhibiting a project’s success. We are confident in our ability to find the thorn in your foot.

Let us help you
*Identify in-competencies in role-players and propose an effective solution.
*Mediate constrained relationships with third parties.
*Isolate and correct poor practices in the project environment.

Requirements Analysis

With over 20 years of combined consulting experience, you can trust that our team will understand and identify the core of your business’ requirements.

System Selection

We have worked with a wide variety of ERP systems. We are experts and finding the best system that suits your business’ needs.

Dynetek professional consulting services will ensure your software projects runs smoothly. Whether you are planning a new project or getting a current project back on track, Dynetek is equipped to save you time and money.

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Project Rescue

  • Structuring And Training Your Team

  • Project Planning

Consultation Services

Ensuring project success