Imagine that with a single point and click of a scanner you’ll have instant access to information about the contents of a carton or pallet, telling you what’s inside and whether the contents have expired yet. Barcode Automation for Lot Tracking gives warehouse employees a powerful tool to speed up warehouse processes. Information is key and Barcode Scanning seeks to put that Information firmly in your grasp.

We support Barcode formats including but not limited to UPC Code, EAN Code, Code128, and PDF417. We can help you find the best equipment and standard to fit your operations.


How easily can you pull up information about what you currently have in stock, which products are on their way to customers, and what customers have received what products? Tracking products as they come in and out can be a slow and painful process. Utilizing scanning and barcode technology will help you streamline your product tracking processes.

Dynetek offers expert Barcode Automation integration services giving you the edge you need to streamline lot tracking and inventory transactions.

  • SSCC Label Solutions

  • Barcode Scanning Integration For ERP

  • GS1 Standardization

  • Honeywell Scanners

  • Zebra Technologies

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