Microsoft has been shifting gears in terms of the ERP solutions they provide and promote. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a next base approach, to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It still is the same system and business logic proven and refined by usage by more than 2 million users worldwide. While extensions was around before the launch of Business Central, the extension approach became refined in Business Central. Since then it has grown to be the core part in customizing the standard ERP solution to suite each businesses’ unique requirements and needs.

What is a Business Central Extension ?

Think of an extension a way of using what Business Central has to offer and adapting it to suite unique business needs or new requirements from a certain industry.

Thus extensions provide a business with the option to add and customize Dynamics 365 Business Central in ways that would increase the value they get from the base solution. Business can interact with other applications through API extensions, or optimize and transform the Business Central to suite their specific business needs.

Extension allow changes in system behavior without ever changing Business Central base code. This enables easier updates to the base Business Central solution as well as the extension themselves, since both environments are managed separately.

What are the benefits of using Business Central extensions ?

• Easy to maintain and upgrade

Business Central extensions exist within their own environment. They can be added and removed without ever effecting business central’s core functions. When updates for Business Central are released they can be installed without concern that your core business functions will stop working. Extensions also make it easier for publishers to keep their extension up to date and compliant with the core Business Central.

Versioning of extensions, ensure that rollbacks and updates are possible, which all contribute to an easy maintainable and upgradable environment.

• Wide variety

Microsoft has enabled developers of Business Central Extensions to publish useful solutions on their App Source Market Place. This allows consumers to browse through a wide variety of trusted published extensions and find the right fit for their business needs.

• Customization

Extensions can vary from small narrow focused extensions to complete solutions for vertical industries consisting of multiple new tables and pages. Business Central extensions can do it all. You have the choice to adapt your Business Central solution to suit your industry requirements and optimize the flow of your business with customized extensions. All having been designed and tested with your business in mind.

Choosing the appropriate costing method is a key factor in successfully managing costing information. Each costing method has different peculiarities inherent to the costing method. We are not speaking of peculiarities in Dynamics Business Central but of the costing method itself. The important part is that once you have selected a costing method for an Inventory Item, and have posted the first transaction, it is not easy to change the costing method.

It is worth the effort to make sure you start out on the right foot when deciding on costing methods.

Costing Method choices

Your choices of costing methods  are

  • No costing
  • Weighted Average costing
  • Standard Costing
  • FIFO
  • Specific (only if you work with serialized inventory)
  • LIFO (Not acceptable in most accounting environments).

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Why your business needs EDI

A growing business dealing with repeating trade with a party could benefit from EDI. Examples could be ordering supplies from a vendor, sales via a merchants, wholesale customers, or having to deal with third parties such as insurance paying medical claims, tax authorities and shipping carriers.

Advantage can be derived, especially if the effort of entering transactions becomes too time consuming or manual capturing is prone to accuracy errors. Electronic Data can reduce process costs and raise satisfaction levels with you Customers. Often one or more business processes can become too resource intensive, costly, or delays in manual handling does not keep up with demand. For businesses looking to maximize growth, while securing compatibility with dominant trade partners, the solution is to implement EDI.View more…